October Zodiac Horoscope for Libra

Important Zodiac Moon dates to remember for October 2017

Lunar calendar for October, 2017 with all the monthly Moon phases, and major Moon events.  Dates and times are displayed in UTC time zone (UT±0).

  • Full Moon in Aries ♈  is on the 5th of October 2017 at 18:40 pm
  • Last Quarter  in Cancer ♋  is on the 12th of October 2017 at 12:25 pm
  • New Moon in Libra ♎  is on the 19th of October 2017 at 19:12 pm
  • First Quarter in Capricorn ♑  is on the 27th of October 2017 at 22:22 pm

October 2017 Horoscope for Libra

Overall Horoscope Theme & Influence

Knowledge – Wisdom – Spiritual Quest


Work & Career

Events on the horizon indicate an invitation to a conference/business trip by the end of October, 2017.  Your attention to detail allows you to excel in the business world this month.  You are focused and determined in your career goals, and this drive to succeed will see you make positive progress at work this month.  Your skills of creative thought, and dynamic and imaginative thinking provide workable solutions this month.  Using the power of analysis, you achieve your work goals, and skillfully adjust course as needed, in order to stay on track this month.


Love & Romance

This month depicts the end of a journey in your romantic life.  It is a time of plenty, and represents security and fulfillment.  What began as a seed of potential has passed through many trials, gathering wisdom along the way, and has now reached the stage of fruition and prosperity.  This is a time of feeling deeply content, and appreciating the bounty surrounding your romantic life.  If you are feeling discontented, you should be aware that you are working towards a firm foundation, and these feelings of security will soon arrive. Your relationship energy is flourishing and turning into long-term security, abundance, and emotional fulfillment.


Ideas & Creativity

You are urged to be proactive and daring this month in the realm of ideas and creative energy.  You are able to harness the power animal of the eagle, as you rise above limitations that have been holding your progress back.  This limiting energy can leave you feeling defensive towards another.  You have to rise above the opposing forces, and counter energies that strive to limit your progress.  Use your swift power and  eagle eye to gain insight into the best way forward.  Engage your skills of tenacity, courage, and defiance.  You have the fortitude needed to disperse negative energy, and break creative deadlocks that have been hindering your progress.


Issues & Hurdles

This month you face opposition and this will require your skills of sharp intellect in order to find your way out of the maze.  This opposition is coming from people, issues, or events close to you.  It could even come from within the yourself.  Perhaps you have isolated yourself and become so rigid in your thinking that you are in danger of cutting yourself off from new inspirations and feelings.  You must be sure not to imprison yourself in your own rigid beliefs, as myths, or perceptions.    Reopening your fortress will allow you to grow at a natural rate as you become open to new thought processes, experiences, and expanded awareness.