October Zodiac Horoscope for Capricorn

Important Zodiac Moon dates to remember for October 2017

Lunar calendar for October, 2017 with all the monthly Moon phases, and major Moon events.  Dates and times are displayed in UTC time zone (UT±0).

  • Full Moon in Aries ♈  is on the 5th of October 2017 at 18:40 pm
  • Last Quarter  in Cancer ♋  is on the 12th of October 2017 at 12:25 pm
  • New Moon in Libra ♎  is on the 19th of October 2017 at 19:12 pm
  • First Quarter in Capricorn ♑  is on the 27th of October 2017 at 22:22 pm

October 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

Overall Horoscope Theme & Influence

Radiance – Clarity – Expansion


Work & Career

This is a month of movement and discovery for you at work.  This month involves either traveling, new projects, or developing new ideas.  You are ready to move forward in your career, and this is a month in which you can now reach for new horizons.  There are increased communications, and you are now able to create a dialogue with a mentor which will help develop your ideas.  These messages and communications will allow you to gather insight and inspiration, and leave you feeling optimistic and confident that you are headed in the right direction.  This is a perfect month to use your focused powers of analysis, and create brilliant ideas that illuminate the path ahead in your career.


Love & Romance

You transform your love life this month, as you break down old outworn energy, and completely transform your romantic aspirations.  This can be difficult, as this metamorphosis becomes the cauldron of rebirth from which you must emerge, anew.  It is difficult accepting major change, but from this transformation you can create new hope, that allows for growth to emerge from the decay.  It represents the completion of a romantic cycle, the ending of a chapter in your love life.  A time when one door is closing in order for new energy to enter your life.  These changes can be painful if you focus on what you have lost,  but as you turn your eyes skyward, and gaze upon the heavens, you realize that you are now unencumbered and free, headed towards previously unimagined horizons, and infinite possibilities.


Ideas & Creativity

This is a month of quiet reflection, and introspection.  This looking within will help you gain awareness into which direction you want to focus your creative energy.  It will broaden your awareness, and raise your perception of what is needed at this time, as you search for what truly holds meaning in your life.  There is a need to turn away from the external world while you do this, and concentrate on searching for your answers from within.  This is a month of being a lone wolf and doing things quietly.  This time of self reflection will provide you with the clarity that will illuminate a path forward for you.  It is in the stillness, quietness, and isolation that you will hear your inner voice.  False prophets, illusions and material distractions will be silenced by this inward journey, and you will hear your higher truth as you gain access to the deeper reality of life.


Issues & Hurdles

The main issues this month are around hedonistic desire which result in a flight from reality, increased cravings,  and over indulging of senses just a little too much. Unchecked, October 2017 could lead to debauchery and intoxication for exuberant big spenders.  You have been exploring your boundaries, and setting out on new adventures this month, but it is important not to take it too far.  Keeping a sense of realism intact in order to not become too financially extravagant will help keep the credit rating intact and prevent stress which results from overspending.