August Zodiac Horoscope for Pisces

Important Zodiac Moon dates to remember for August 2017

Lunar calendar for August 2017 with all the monthly Moon phases, and major Moon events.  Dates and times are displayed in UTC time zone (UT±0).

  • Full Moon in Aquarius ♒ is on the 7th of August 2017 at 18:11 pm
  • Last Quarter  in Taurus ♉ is on the 15th of August 2017 at 01:15 am
  • New Moon in Leo ♌ is on the 21st of August 2017 at 18:30 pm
  • First Quarter in Sagittarius ♐  is on the 29th of August 2017 at 08:13 am

August 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

Overall Horoscope Theme & Influence

Courage – Tenacity – Fortitude


Work & Career

You have the tenacity, strength, and power to reach your goals and triumph at work this month.  Your strength is solar in nature, and as such it is ruled by the sun.  It combines steady, invigorating heat, with inspired thinking that is all encompassing and exuberant in its fiery essence.  You radiate vitality and inspiration in perfect balance of this month. Your enthusiasm is both passionate and spontaneous, yet grounded and stable.  You are creative, determined, courageous, and engaging.  You are able to revitalize those around you with positive energy, and realize your true potential as you succeed in your career goals this month.


Love & Romance

Your emotions characterize the essence of water this month, which is dynamic and sensitive, flowing forward into your life,  allowing you a visionary insight into your love and romantic aspirations.   Your intoxicating vision and poetic inspiration allow you to channel profound qualities, which enable you to explore your own inner mysteries.  By transcending the realm of the everyday, and uniting with your spiritual side, you gain insight into what truly moves you romantically this month.   This heightened awareness allows you to establish your powers of sensual enchantment, as you energize your libido through living fully in your romantic life.  This heightened awareness gives you greater understanding into how you want to transform your romantic ambitions moving forward. It teaches you how your love life touches a deep and vulnerable aspect of your soul, which creates a deep sensitivity that is raw, yet so enticing to your soul.  It illuminates areas of your emotional side, that you feel blessed to have awareness of.  It is through living fully and emotionally, that you are able to connect deeply with others, and allow romantic potential to unfold fully in your life.


Ideas & Creativity

Your inspiration, insight, and creativity come from a sensitive, intuitive place this month.  You are sensitive to the whisper of intuitive feelings, and this makes your creative energy mysterious, hypnotic, dreamlike, and introspective.  Your receptive and reflective emotional outlook make you a channel for dreams, imagination, and inspiration.  You become a hollow chamber that is able to conduct inspired creative energy.  Your instinctive sensitivity and inner perception receive energy from the subtle web of the invisible unconscious.  This allows you to sense the reality below the surface, and  it helps guide you to know which way to channel your creative expression.


Issues & Hurdles

A situation that has been causing issues recently resolves for you this month.  You have the diplomatic skills needed in order to overcome misunderstandings.  This is not a time for self complacency, vanity, or arrogance though.  You are warned against conceit or foolishness this August, 2017, as a lack of humility could lead to limited rewards for effort involved this month, so be sure to keep your ego in check when working with others in order to achieve the full potential possible this August.