July Zodiac Horoscope for Pisces

Important Zodiac Moon dates to remember for July 2017

Lunar calendar for July 2017 with all the monthly Moon phases, and major Moon events.  Dates and times are displayed in UTC time zone (UT±0).

  • First Quarter in Libra ♎ is on the 1st of July 2017 at 00:51 am
  • Full Moon in Capricorn ♑ is on the 9th of July 2017 at 04:07 am
  • Last Quarter in Aries ♈ is on the 16th of July 2017 at 19:26 pm
  • New Moon in Leo ♌ is on the 23rd of July 2017 at 09:46 am

July 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

Overall Horoscope Theme & Influence

Spontaneity – Adversity – Stoicism


Work & Career

An issue crops up for you at work in July 2017 which can be solved by making a clear decision.  This is a time where you will need to take an unbiased and direct action.  This will see you adopt a firm stand in order to overcome the dilemma you are faced with at work.  This is a situation that you will solve by making a clear and precise judgment call.  A strong approach is called for, and by weighing up all elements involved you will be able to arrive at a firm decision.  This will see you employ your skills of practicality, reasoning, and balance, which will allow you to project an objective and impartial energy will helps to quickly resolve any negativity that arises from this decisive process.


Love & Romance

You transform your love life this month, as you break down old outworn energy, and completely transform your romantic aspirations.  This can be difficult, as this metamorphosis becomes the cauldron of rebirth from which you must emerge, anew.  It is difficult accepting major change, but from this transformation you can create new hope, that allows for growth to emerge from the decay.  It represents the completion of a romantic cycle, the ending of a chapter in your love life.  A time when one door is closing in order for new energy to enter your life.  These changes can be painful if you focus on what you have lost,  but as you turn your eyes skyward, and gaze upon the heavens, you realize that you are now unencumbered and free, headed towards previously unimagined horizons, and infinite possibilities.


Ideas & Creativity

Your creativity is strengthened as you acknowledge you have the courage to face trials, and you bravely open yourself to new opportunities.  You radiate enriching creative potential this month.  You become a channel for this new energy to enter your life, and it is in balance with your emotions, inspirations, creativity, and ideals.  This energy flows perfectly with your emotional outlook, and doesn’t conflict with your core beliefs, but invigorates your mind with inspired thinking and happiness.  Previous doubt and resistance to change has been overcome, and this allows for new possibilities to enter your life, as you immerse yourself in exciting dreams about the future.  There is a magical creative power at play this month, and if you follow it through with inspired thinking, it will manifest itself in ways that will inspire you, and guide you to evolve further on your path.


Issues & Hurdles

You find yourself at the sharp end of a poisonous wit this July 2017.   The nasty edge of another’s insight cuts your ego to shreds this month.  There may be malice involved, as gossip is indicated.  Beware of the dishonesty, deceit,  and trickery.  Rise above and beyond the limiting behavior of others, and focus on presenting a calm and balanced demeanor,  as what you reflect out to the world is then magnified and sent back to you.  This will soon dispel rumors, and prevent any negative energy from lingering.